Coalition Delegates
Each of the nine chambers appoints four delegates to the Coalition – three volunteers and one chamber executive (italicized). Associate members to the Coalition are represented by a chamber executive only.

Coalition Chair: Bryan Kelley, Maple Valley Chamber
Coalition Vice-Chair: Carolyn Simpson, Snoqualmie Valley Chamber
Ex-Officio Agent: Chris Johnson, Bellevue Chamber

Kim Fredericks
Bruce Agnew
Eli Darland
Bob Pishue

Brittany Caldwell
Aran Buchan
Matt Isenhower
Kelly Snyder

Kathy McCorry
William Shaw
Rob Young

Samantha St. John
Doug Davis
Jessica Krueger
Patti Smith

Erica Dial
Grifan Cayce
Tanya Neilson
Bryan Kelley


Bart Philips
Ryan Baumgartner
Tom Markl
Eric Scroggins

Vicky Baxter
David Hoffman
Shannon Jallow
Rocale Timmons

Deborah Fox Sogge

Monica Lynne
Earl Bell
Jonas Means
Carolyn Simpson

David Witt
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